Consulting and Contracting

AllStar Ecology is a full-service environmental consulting and contracting firm providing a wide variety of natural resource expertise backed by experienced on the ground contracting capabilities.

Quick Turn-Around Time

We provide unprecedented turn-around time on all projects by a trained and certified team. Our team members are able to take projects from the field to the desktop within days and reports are prepared for regulatory submission in less than two weeks.

Quality Work

AllStar Ecology provides consistent quality field work and reporting with a highly trained staff that track and coordinate project success from start to finish. Our list of repeat clients can testify that our speed does not compromise the quality of our work.

Natural Resource Specialists

AllStar Ecology relies on an experienced, well-trained, and knowledgeable staff with a diversity of skills to meet the needs of our clients. AllStar employs over forty different environmental scientists with specialists in wetlands, streams, botany, endangered species, forestry, regulatory/permitting, archaeology, general biology/natural resource management and GIS. AllStar further invests in its employees by providing top-notch training and professional development opportunities to ensure staff have the most up to date skills and knowledge to perform at a high level of excellence.

Client Relations

AllStar Ecology is a member of both ISNetWorld and Avetta. Our clients include a wide range of natural resource extraction companies, engineering firms, non-profits, developers, state and federal agencies, and other businesses. Our repeat clients and word of mouth referrals are a testament to our superior turnaround time, product and client care.


AllStar Ecology environmental scientists are highly trained and well rounded taking projects from the field to the desktop to completion for our clients.


The owners of AllStar came together with backgrounds and expertise in streams, wetlands, botany, and mitigation to start and manage the company as an effective solution to permitting challenges in these areas.

Gregory Short Jr.

Gregory Short Jr.

Senior Environmental Scientist / Lead Botanist

Greg Short is an owner of AllStar Ecology and has worked throughout the eastern United States conducting vegetation surveys and threatened & endangered species surveys. Mr. Short has conducted floristic inventories in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey. He has been affiliated with various private, state, and federal agencies conducting threatened & endangered species surveys for plants and mammals throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Mr. Short is an experienced wetland delineator and has worked on projects for oil/gas, coal, and residential/commercial development.

Ryan Ward

Ryan Ward

Senior Environmental Scientist / Project Manager

Ryan Ward is an owner of AllStar Ecology and has worked throughout the United States on various projects with an emphasis on wildlife research.  Mr. Ward has studied in environments in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma. He also has extensive regulatory experience throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, especially in West Virginia and Virginia where he is a Certified Professional Wetland Delineator.  Mr. Ward specializes in stream and wetland issues including delineation, compensatory mitigation, permitting, natural stream design, and wetland restoration.