Bat Box Sales

When we construct an Allstar Ecology bat box we use wood materials sourced from companies within the USA and construct them at our Meadowdale Road location in Fairmont, West Virginia. We ship to anywhere in the USA and Canada. Shipping rates may change based on distance.

We take great care in the sourcing and construction of each box so that you can install them at your site with confidence. Below are examples of our construction process, from creating the framework to habitation.

If you would like a quote for your next project, please contact our Lead Bat Biologist, Eric Schroder by email at, or call our office at (304) 816-3490 | Toll-free (866) 213-2666.

We look forward to working with you!


The first step of our construction process: creating the central column
Building a frame for subsequent parts.
We use a chainsaw to roughen the interior surface for a better interior texture.
Roughening the inner surfaces
We use these spacers on the interior column so bats can crawl between the walls of the box.
Adding spacers to the framework.
Here, we add the next frame component to create the first enclosure.
Building on the spacers to create the enclosure.
We then continue the process to add another layer to the enclosure.
A semi-finished box showing the enclosure.
We then seal the bat box to ensure it can withstand the elements once installed.
Sealing the semi-finished box with caulk to ensure its durability.
We package and label each bat box to ensure proper handling.
A bat box packaged and ready for shipping.
This shows a perfect example of why we sometimes call them our "Rocket Boxes"
An Allstar Ecology bat box installed and ready to go.
An Allstar Ecology bat box at work (A Big Brown bat shown inside)
A Big Brown bat shown in one of our boxes on a monitoring job.
Each bat box is labelled with an Allstar Ecology tag.
Made in the USA

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Pictured: A Virginia big-eared bat caught by ASE in Pendelton County, WV